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I’ll Take Luck Every Time!

by Dave Burpee 

You know the old saying: “It is better to be lucky than good.”  My recent antelope hunt is proof positive about the accuracy of that saying.

I left Virginia with four friends on August 17th.  We traveled in two vehicles and two-and-a-half days and about 2,000 miles later arrived at the Werner Ranch, which is about 40 minutes due north of Douglas, Wyoming.  We were joined by another friend who drove in from Lawton, Oklahoma.  One of the guys set this trip up several years ago to be a bi-annual event on odd years.  He has been about a dozen times.  This was my fourth trip.  The previous three were successful, with one animal qualifying for Pope and Young. However, each year is different and in hunting there are no guarantees……Go here to find out how the hunt turned out.

Here's Dave with his prize.


Shuttle Endeavour on Display                            at the California Science Center in LA

From Ed and Nanncy Obloy


We just returned from a trip out west and while in Los Angeles, stopped in to see the  Shuttle Endeavour on display at the California Science Center.  Endeavour executed the NIMA/NASA Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM).  I thought folks might be interested in seeing how our mission was presented in the display.  Pics attached. FIRST, SECOND, THIRD. It was nostalgic to see that marvelous flying machine again. Nancy and I had the good fortune to attend the launch from the Kennedy Space Center in 2000. While touring the launch site, our NASA host took us up the gantry and permitted us to walk out to Endeavour's crew hatch. At the time it was open and folks were still inside prepping for the next day's launch. I sat in the hatch opening and Nancy snapped a PIC! (No jokes about a missed opportunity to put a lawyer into orbit!😀)

A few hours before the launch, the NASA Administrator hosted a reception for the folks involved. To our surprise, the actor James Woods was there doing research for a movie he was about to start shooting. As we were being ushered outside to get ready for the launch, Woods stopped so I could get a photo of him with Nancy.  Well, as you would expect I took a boatload of pics throughout the 2 days we were there and especially of the launch.  No iPhones then, so we rushed to a 1 hr. photo developing shop to get them developed.  When we returned to pick them up, the clerks were all abuzz about our photos. I'm thinking, "Wow, these guys must see launch photos pretty routinely so mine must be really good."  Nope. They could have cared less about my photos, they wanted to see the lady with James Woods!!!! 

Take care.



DAVID GLOWACKI:   Greetings, my career at National-Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) started on February 6, 1995 as a Nautical Cartographer with the Maritime Safety Office working the night shift until I retired on  April 30, 2018.   I previously lived in Rockville, Maryland but moved back to Syracuse, New York so I could spend time with my parents, two sisters, and three brothers.   My hobbies are antique cars, gardening, role playing games, science fiction and fantasy movies, wine,  and craft beers.   I plan on traveling around the world to pursue my interests in geology, geography and history.