We had a very special opportunity from NGA this week, with a virtual in-person dialog with VADM Sharp.  Attached are THE MINUTES from the session, which unfortunately is taking the place of our live gathering for the Spring.  As you are all aware, the Government, while operating, is keeping visitation to an absolute minimum, not to mention the fact that many of our members are part of multiple at-risk populations.

Admiral Sharp also shared with us a letter he sent to the families of NGA employees.  It expresses the high regard in which he holds his employees.

NGAA-East is continuing to offfer Scholarships and Awards for the year; we appreciate your inputs, and hope that the Fall will find us together again.

For now, stay home (if you can…), stay safe and stay healthy.

Best Regards,

Barry Tilton
2020 NGAA-E President



The NGAA-East Chapter has established an annual Scholarship Program as an opportunity to invest in the future of aspiring college students or those currently enrolled.


The purpose of this scholarship is to give recognition to deserving individuals for their academic achievements, citizenship, service to their schools and communities, and overall leadership.

We are now seeking applications for the 2020 NGAA-East Scholastic Advancement Scholarship. You are invited to nominate your family members or friends for one of two scholarships we will be granting in the amount of $500.00 each.

Please see the application form for complete information.  Applications are due no later than 30 June 2020.

Applications should be sent to: ngaaeastexec@aol.com