Occasionally, within its charter, NGAA gets the chance to do something for NGA that has far-reaching impacts. This is one of those opportunities. We need imagery analysis volunteers who can work from home on your schedule to get this important project going. Please see the item below for additional background, a request for help, and contact information.

After many years of effort, an arrangement is now in place to provide NGA imagery, via the State Department, to the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) to use in its gulag search and monitoring. D/NGA offers that these are the types of non-traditional relationships that NGA must get better at and supports the Association’s involvement.


The Washington, D.C.-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), the only US think-tank dedicated exclusively to investigating and reporting on the North Korean human rights situation, has entered into an agreement with the US State Department to find and monitor gulags in NK through the acquisition of unclassified satellite imagery. NGA Director Robert Cardillo is involved with this project. HRNK will complement and support the IA findings with information gained in NK defector interviews and then publish the reports. The reports will be provided to the United Nations, UN member states, Congressional offices, NGA, as well as other US agencies, think-tanks, and academic institutions, and made public in an effort to build international pressure for reform.

Greg Scarlatoiu, the Executive Director of HRNK, has long been working with an HRNK Senior Adviser and professional imagery analyst whom some of you know, Joe Bermudez. Mr. Bermudez has agreed to be HRNK's expert adviser on the project.

There is an urgent need for volunteers with imagery analysis experience to participate in this important effort. NGAA leadership hopes that many of its members will offer to participate. The procedure will be for Joe Bermudez to send packets of data to each volunteer, along with pertinent instructions. The analysis can be done on the analyst’s computer at convenient times, with the results reported to Joe.

Questions? Al Anderson, the NGAA member coordinating support, can be reached at 703-629-7428 and Joe Bermudez can be reached at 303-565-6207 and

We appreciate all help you can offer to this valuable effort.

Best regards, Roy Combs
Chair, NGAA Board of Directors


Lunar Mapping by Geointeresting |

 Free Listening on SoundCloud

This podcast was produced by an NGA contract team of professionals.  It includes an interview with member Al Anderson, starting around 13:25, ending around 25.



A ceremony for the Historical Marker installation was held 24 June 2017 at 10:00 AM. The marker located in Northern Virginia commemorates the work done by the Army Map Service/DMA at the site between 1963 and 1993.  Dr. Jeff Kretsch, who made tis available to our members, shares these PHOTOS.

The invitation just issued is found HERE.   An interesting article on the history of the NIKE program is ATTACHED.

The DMA report on "30 Years of Satellite Tracking" is attached HERE.

Cold War Museum
Paul Mich has submitted the attached report on the Cold War Museum outing on October 17, 2017.  We thank Paul for organizing the trip which was enjoyed by twenty-six NGAA-East members and guests.  REPORT.  Check out the link to the Museum at:
Previous Events

NGAA-E held its SPRING LUNCHEON and technical update at NGA-NCE on Tuesday May 15, 2018.

The unclassified exchange meeting included talks by the NGA FINDR program, OCC, and East Coast Executive Ed Mornston. Lunch followed, then Joe Steel and the Board Officers gave updates on membership and plans for the Summer and Fall.


FINDR Program: NGA is now successfully deploying an NGA Research capability which will allow the location identification of photos collected without any metadata other than a basic area of interest. This capability relies on data from the Shuttle Radar Topology Mission (SRTM). They indicated they have already had critical operational successes with the program.

OCC: The media engagement strategy for NGA is evolving. They are ending publication of the NGA Pathfinder, due to the readership not being what they were looking for. They are beginning a heavy emphasis of their social media constructs (Facebook, LinkedIN, Medium, Twitter and Soundcloud. Account links are:

FB: NatlGEOINTAgency

LinkedIN: NGA
Twitter: @NGA_GEOINT
Soundcloud/iTunes: Geointeresting Podcast

The OCC is very proud of both the podcasts to date and several educational videos (NGA Explains...) they are now circulating explaining GEOINT and applications at various levels of sophistication. After viewing two, we also saw a historic video (introduced by member Jack Held) produced by the old DMA premiering the shift back in the 90’s to digital exploitation. A link for this was sent to the membership earlier this week. There is a crowdsourcing search to label more of the machinery and people in the video for historical purposes.

East Coast Executive Ed Mornston then gave a summary of current NGA strategies and focus. He indicated that there has now been sufficient motion with VERA/VSIP to allow for a refocusing of some positions along the lines of the Data Sciences. He repeated the Directors assertion that all of the workforce needs to become educated on both Data Sciences and Coding, and displayed a Career Development plan for the agency emphasizing these points.

We then broke for lunch.

Reported by Barry Tilton



Geospatial Intelligence Hall of  Fame: 2016 Inductees

All-time List of HoF Inductees


Ocober 3, 2017 Fall Luncheon Flyer

Fall 2017 Newsletter         Spring 2017 Newsletter        Spring 2016 Newsletter        

                            Spring 2015 Newsletter                                      Fall 2015 Newsletter




In celebration of Women's History month, NGA published this documentary on famous women who have contributed to the field of geospatial intelligence.

Read more: Click here: Women who put GEOINT on the map — Medium


NGA Selects Site for New Facility in St. Louis.  Find out where HERE.  A 360 degree  view of the site is HERE.


NGA Director Robert Cardillo's Statement for the Record before the Senate Select Committee on In telligence on September 28, 2016 can be found HERE.

NGA Director Robert Cardillo recently addressed the Consumer Electronics Show (Government). Read his remarks at:

                  Public Release of Personal Papers

NGAA recently received (late 2015) NGA guidance relative to the publication of personal papers,
memoirs, etc. related to work conducted while an individual was employed by NGA (or its predecessor agencies).   Click HERE to view that guidance.


NGA has released its current Organization Chart.  It can be viewed HERE.  The new NGA leadership is found at this LINK.


The  article at the following link was written by Aliya Silverstein and published in  Her interview with Mr. Paul Weise was coordinated with him via the NGAA.  Although NGAA is not mentioned in the article, this is an excellent example of how the Association can be proactive behind the scenes.  Please read the article at:


The Director, NGA, Mr. Robert Cardillo, recently wrote an open letter to NGA's industry partners.  The letter, which might be of interest to several of you is online at:


SkyTruth: Your Opportunity to Identify
and Monitor Environmental Problems

NGAA’s board of directors has learned of a small nonprofit organization called SkyTruth that is using geospatial analysis techniques to identify and monitor environmental problems, both domestic and international. It uses crowd-sourcing to mobilize volunteer analysts to undertake specific projects.

SkyTruth’s president, John Amos, selects projects that will help educate the public about the importance of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Projects undertaken have included drilling, mining, and other natural resource exploitation efforts such as monitoring for illegal fishing in internationally protected areas.  SkyTruth provides small datasets of imagery and other geospatial information to participants and reviews and incorporates the results, which are made available to officials and the public.

SkyTruth was recently the subject of a very favorable article in the Washington Post Magazine.  Amos and his small staff are located in Shepherdstown, WV.

This important effort may be a good opportunity for some of our members to volunteer their skills from home, as their time and schedule permit.   John Amos says that SkyTruth needs experienced analysts who can manage projects as well as volunteer imagery analysts.  You can learn more by visiting

Members who are interested may join the SkyTruth effort directly, using their website for contact information. Please identify yourselves as NGAA members and let the NGAA Board of Directors know about your decision; send an e-mail to the chairman at:


Inside the Secret World of Russia's Cold War Mapmakers

This is an interesting story about maps produced by Russia during the cold war. Post Cold War acquisition of some of these maps by DMA is mentioned.

Click here: