BACKGROUND:   The NGAA was founded in 2011 for employees and retirees who have been associated with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and its predecessor organizations. Its purpose is to promote continued social interaction, pleasure, recreation, continuing education, and any other purpose of its Chapters and their members.

The Association was created by the merger in July 2011 of two geographically-based (East and West) organizations with a long history as retiree-oriented groups. The merger took the form of the consolidation of the two groups as chapters, respectively NGAA-West and NGAA-East.

NGAA-East: (formerly the National Geospatial/Intelligence Alumni Association-NGIAA and the Defense Mapping and Charting Alumni) Association-DMCA) provides a way for current and retired DMA/NPIC/CIO/NIMA/NGA employees and affiliates (including contract personnel working in NGA facilities) to keep in contact and exchange information, ideas, and experiences.  The legacy retirees' Association was established in 1980.

Currently, NGAA-East has over 500 active members several of whom  who meet twice a year in the Washington area for a spring and fall luncheon, and an occasional out-of-town reunion. They also receive a newsletter which notifies members of alumni events, fun facts and milestones met by fellow members.

For membership information click HERE. To apply go to the APPLICATION here.

The NGAA Board of Directors' 2016 Annual Report is posted here.

Notices and Newsletters-

AMS and NGAA-East sponsored
Wine Tasting, and Catered BBQ Lunch
Friday September 28, 2018
More Information HERE.

-Newsletters, reports, etc.
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