BACKGROUND:   The NGAA was founded in 2011 for employees and retirees who have been associated with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and its predecessor organizations. Its purpose is to promote continued social interaction, pleasure, recreation, continuing education, and any other purpose of its Chapters and their members.

The Association was created by the merger in July 2011 of two geographically-based (East and West) organizations with a long history as retiree-oriented groups. The merger took the form of the consolidation of the two groups as chapters, respectively NGAA-West and NGAA-East.

NGAA-East: (formerly the National Geospatial/Intelligence Alumni Association-NGIAA and the Defense Mapping and Charting Alumni) Association-DMCA) provides a way for current and retired DMA/NPIC/CIO/NIMA/NGA employees and affiliates (including contract personnel working in NGA facilities) to keep in contact and exchange information, ideas, and experiences.  The legacy retirees' Association was established in 1980.

Currently, NGAA-East has over 575 active members several of whom  who meet twice a year in the Washington area for a spring and fall luncheon, and an occasional out-of-town reunion. They also receive a newsletter which notifies members of alumni events, fun facts and milestones met by fellow members.



To the NGAA-East Membership and Friends. 

Greetings fellow alumni!

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Irv Buck and I have the pleasure of serving as the president of NGA Alumni Association-East chapter for the next two years.  I think I know many of you from our years working together at NGA and its predecessor organizations.  I started at DMA in 1974 as a Cartographic Technician and retired in 2005 as NGA’s Deputy Military Executive.  I look forward to rekindling old friendships and meeting those of you I may not have known personally during our careers at the agency.

The last two years have been a challenge for the Alumni Association, as like most activities in our lives, it has been seriously curtailed by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.   I miss the conviviality of the wine tastings and the happy hours as well as the informative meetings we held twice a year at NGA as much as I’m sure you do.  Its hard to be socially distanced in what is primarily a social organization.  That said, we’ve tried to carry on with our other missions by awarding even more chapter scholarships to worthy students and continuing to compile and celebrate our rich history while maintaining an informative newsletter. 

As the pandemic starts to ease, we are actively planning to a return to “in-person” events, but we can’t say for certain when that will be.  Our priority is the health and safety of you, our membership, so we won’t have any large gatherings until it is definitively safe to do so.  To fill the void, we are looking for alternative events and activities that we can all enjoy together, even if only virtually.  The chapter is in the process of acquiring several Zoom licenses and the board will meet soon to discuss how to best utilize that technology for the benefit of all the members.  We really want to hear what you would like to see in the way of educational or social “virtual” events.  Please let me know what your thoughts and desires are.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our chapter officers and board members.  During the past two years they have continued to do the thankless jobs of maintaining our membership roster, publishing our newsletter, and working behind the scenes to maintain the mission and momentum of the organization.  I’d especially like to thank Barry Tilton, our past chapter president for his steady and unfailing leadership.  As we emerge from the pandemic, the organization is in a great position to grow and continue its quest to celebrate the past, enjoy the present and ensure the future.


For membership information read this HANDOUT. Use this FORM to apply.

The NGAA Board of Directors' Annual Report is posted here (at a later date).

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At this tab you will find links to our Spring 2020 Newsletter and information on our Scholarship Program (we are now accepting applications).  Check them out.

NGAA-E Policy on Shared Media

The NGAA-East Executive Board would like to remind our members that the directory, newsletter, website and any other communication media compiled, maintained and distributed by the Chapter is primarily for the use of the Executive Board to communicate with our membership.  We also share these mediawith our membership expecting that they will be used for social purposes only, such as social invitations, get-well cards, notes of condolence, "will be in your area" phone calls or e-mails, or just "keeping in touch" notes.  NGAA-E is an alumni association and as such endeavors to provide means to keep us together in a mutually respectful way. 

Members may submit items, either via e-mail, or the web site, for Executive Board review and approval for general publication.

Commercial announcements, employment searches and business promotions are prohibited. However, since we, as an organization are a conglomerate of various geospatial career paths, items that detail individuals’ participation in historical projects or achievements may be permitted for distribution, as long as they do not violate the prohibitions listed above and are readily verifiable.

Announcements for social events and/or activities may involve a commercial enterprise or charitable organization. The Executive Board will strive to avoid implicit preference toward any group.

 When a member consents to have personal information listed in the directory, it is done with the assumption that each one of us will respect another's privacy, and not share, post or distribute the directory with anyone outside our membership or use it for anything other than the purposes stated above. 

 Using the directory (or any other communication media used by the Chapter) for other than the purposes stated above is considered an abuse of the privilege of membership in the Chapter.  Violators are subject to withdrawal of membership privileges, by the NGAA-East Executive Board.

 Ours is a social association founded for the purpose of staying in touch with our friends and former co-workers to share our interests and experiences.  Let's strive to keep it that way.